Running Hot

Running Hot
書封作者名: 珍‧安‧克蘭茲



Luther Malone should have known that even an “easy” assignment from
Fallon Jones would have a few unexpected twists. Not only did Jones expect
him to work with a complete novice with no field experience, but also
Malone’s new “partner,” Grace Renquist, is a librarian! It’s true,
she works in the Bureau of Genealogy at the Arcane Society, but Grace knows
her talents at aura-reading are every bit as good as Malone’s paranormal
gift, and she is determined to prove her professional worth while on
assignment with this ex-cop with a limp, a fear of guns, and attitude. Of
course, the one thing Jones fails to tell either Malone or Grace is that
while they conduct a secret investigation in Maui to search for a possible
murderer, they are going to have to pretend to be married. Combining a
superbly matched pair of protagonists, wonderfully original secondary
characters (including a deliciously self-absorbed diva villainess with a
“killer” voice), and a cleverly constructed plot, best-selling Krentz
works her usual literary alchemy and creates another irresistible,
paranormal-flavored novel of sexy romantic suspense to add to her much-loved
Arcane Society series

  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Putnam Adult (December 30, 2008)